It’s been a hectic week, right? Like they always are. Going to work, doing errands, putting together a meal and enjoying it with your loved ones… The daily routine that gives us the feeling that the week passes in the blink of an eye. So you might have missed the information that this is Cubacel week, that week when you get the opportunity to send mobile recharges with extra top ups to your family and friends back home in Cuba.

Between June 7-12, top ups to Cuba get a lovely boost:

So besides the CUP they can use both for local and international calls, the mobile recharge also brings extra GB, so useful nowadays, considering how much of our communication went online. And we can thank God for that! At least now we really have the feeling that we can stay connected, no matter the distance. Just imagine how hard staying in touch was in the past, before mobile phones…No need to worry about that, we can call, send texts, or use whatever app we like. All you need is care and all they need is credit. :)