Great news: lower rates to top up Nauta accounts!

We’re the happiest when being able to announce great news, just like today: Nauta top up rates just got lower! This means you can send the same amount and pay less. Here is how the rates changed:

New is always better
You have the possibility to satisfy all needs:

  • To your loved ones back home who do not spend too much time online you can send only 15 CUC, an amount which was not available until now. For sending 15 CUC, you’ll pay $16.
  • But you also have some huge internet fans back home in Cuba, right? You can help them as well and send them 50 CUC, a transaction for which you will pay only $51. How amazing does that sound?!

When it comes to rates, lower is better

Como todos sabemos, para los cubanos, Nauta es una visión de esperanza, un signo de que las cosas están mejorando. La información nos fortalece, y hoy en día internet es la forma más fácil de mantenerse conectado a las noticias. Los eventos globales están interconectados, y entender las conexiones nos ayuda a estar preparados para el futuro. ¡Una recarga de Nauta es más valiosa de lo que podemos pensar!