August Cubacel promo, starting on the 21st… Check out the details!

Here’s the Cubacel promo in August,
It won’t be boring, we promise!
Take a sneak peek at the titles
And enjoy Super Bono’s recitals:

So, starting August 21 until August 26, you can send generous international top ups to your loved ones back in Cuba. Maybe they went on vacation and would need some help after putting so much pressure on the wallet. :) Or maybe it’s just a great way to say “I miss you, guys!”. Either way, a Cubacel top up is always a pleasant surprise.

Until the promotion starts, you can win a free top up!
All you need to do is join our Facebook challenge and send us a photo of your dream vacation destination. The contest already started and is open until August 22. The winner will be chosen randomly and receives a free top up worth 20 CUC, which used during the promotion turns into a 50 CUC top up.

Amor a las recargas, new episode
Guess where Celita and Super Bono are going to spend their vacation!