5 tips to travel smart, for Cuban expats

Travelling is sometimes a dream come true. After long working days and busy weekends, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sun, water, mountains or whatever makes us relax is all we need to refill.

In order to make the travel experience that perfect time we’ve dreamed of all year long, here are 5 tips to travel smart:

1. First things first….

In case you’re not a last-minute-deals fan and prefer booking the flight and accommodation long before leaving, buy cancellation insurance. It will help you stay relaxed in case something happens and you’ll have to postpone or cancel the trip. This is not being pessimistic, just cautious…

2. Take care of your health especially the night before a plane trip.

Drink water to hydrate, workout, and sleep at least 7 to 8 hours.  Also, do not fly hungry. Grab a banana, dried fruits or whatever might help you avoid getting hungry.

3. Keep a packaging list you may fill in months before traveling.

This way you will select only what’s a must and avoid the well known phrase “I forgot…” we’ve all used at least once during our holidays. Either it was our favorite sweater or headache pills or, even worse, the passports, they must all be on our travelling list.

4. Read travelers’ reviews

Review websites have changed the way most people plan their travel, giving us an enormously useful tool for evaluating hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, a.s.o. Use them! But wisely, since every experience is very personal and we must be able to filter the personal side from the objective information.

5. Call home for pennies

Either you’re calling your family and friends back in Cuba or the ones from the “adopted” country, you may use KeepCalling app to stay in touch with them. This way it’s easier to talk about the interesting, funny or new places or people you’ve discovered.

You may log in with your HablaCuba.com account info and call directly from your smartphone. The smartest way to use the app is to connect to a WiFi and then initiate the calls. This way you will only pay for the calls, not for the internet connection that may get really expensive when traveling abroad.