Some numbers are considered magical, some others are dull and boring. 10 might not seem as mysterious as 7 or as controversial as 13, but this February 10 is definitely unique, because it’s the day Cubacel promo starts.
Let’s see why Cubacel promo starting on February 10 and lasting until February 15 is special:

1. It gives you the opportunity to let your loved ones know you always have their back and you’ll always be there when they need you, since Cubacel adds extra credit to all your recharges:

2. It helps you save. Since the extra credit is on the house, you can reassign the amount saved to something to indulge yourself. Be selfish every now and then, it pays off! You’ll get all the energy needed to spread good mood and be a source of inspiration for the others.

3. It helps, we mean you help your loved ones save… Every CUC matters in Cuba, you know best. So by sending top ups to Cuba, you actually give your family and friends the pause from spending they might need. And since telecom services are still expensive in Cuba, their joy and gratitude will be even higher.

4. The promo lasts for six days. People minds work differently. Some of us want to take care of things quickly and move on to what’s next on their to do list. Some other are master procrastinators, as Tim Urban says it best and leave everything until the very last day. Or hour. Or minute. :) To meet all human behaviors, the promotion lasts 6 instead of 5 days.

5. Your folks can use the credit for both national and international calls, SMS, MMS, including SMS entumovil and Data (Nauta). So they can call you, to catch up and if we’re talking about mom, to make sure that you eat and take care of yourself (even if you might have your own kids and you have the same concerns). Or they can get connected with other family members and friends from Cuba, for the daily updates.

Metaphorically, we see the monthly Cubacel promotion as an opportunity to fall in love again, just like in a relationship or to reiterate your feelings for all the people that matter. So even though the promotion might seem the same, if you look closer you discover how refreshing it is each time Super Bono is back.