3 things you did not know about Nauta

For Cubans, Nauta is a glimpse of hope, a sign that things change for the better. Information makes us stronger and nowadays, internet is just the easiest way to stay connected to the news. The global events are intertwined and understanding the connections helps us be prepared for the future. Since this is an important topic for you, here are some updates regarding Nauta and internet usage in Cuba:

1.Lower rates for Nauta
Starting December 2016, Etecsa services for surfing the web with a Nauta account cost 1.50 CUC per hour, instead of 2 CUC per hour. This means they will stay online more and pay the same amount. It’s still rather expensive, considering the wages in Cuba, but it’s a step further toward normality.

2. Cuba starts trial of internet in homes 
The trial will be carried out in 2,000 homes located in two districts of Old Havana, selected for their “technical availability” (they have a landline telephone), among other criteria, according to Etecsa’s specialist in landline services, Ana Mendez. Until the end of 2016, internet usage at home had been reserved for professionals like doctors, journalists, intellectuals and academics. So, this pilot trial shows us the good direction towards which Cuba is evolving.

3. You can top up Nauta accounts using HablaCuba.com
Ok, you did know that, but we justed wanted to remind you that besides Cubacel recharges, you can also send Nauta credit to your loved ones, so they can spend more time online: to find what’s new in the world, to send you photos or to talk to you via online channels. You can top up their Nauta account with values ranging from $17.60 to $51.70, depending on their needs or wishes :)

All you need to do is:

  • Find out their Nauta email. It should look like user@nauta.co.cu or nauta.com.cu.
  • Once you have the email, go to HablaCuba.com Mobile Recharge page.
  • Select Nauta and then the amount you want to send
  • Confirm your order and wait! They will get in touch with you shortly to say thanks and to let you know what’s new back in Cuba.